Corporation & L.L.C.S.

Attorney Gaspard and his staff work with clients to assist in making the critical choice of deciding on a type of corporate structure. Whether the client selects a Subchapter S corporation or a Limited Liability Company, it is essential that the business is properly advised on the proper legal entity that best suits the client’s needs and the responsibility that accompanies each selection.

JAG attorneys and their staff work with clients to in preparing custom drafted corporate entities. The attorneys offer advice about corporation and tax matters related to your business designed to save you both time and money. JAG attorneys consistently monitor the ever changing trends involving corporations thereby remaining in the forefront to best service their clients.

JAG offers:

Flat Fee pricing.
In-depth consultation with an attorney regarding your corporate set-up
Complete professional corporate minute book
Professionally drafted corporate minutes and by-laws
Professionally printed and Numbered stock certificates
Filing with Florida Secretary of State Office